Teacher Insights from Catalyst

Tune in to hear Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn teachers share their knowledge and change journey with Catalyst, an evidence-base approach to teaching and learning.

Listen to my episode where I explain the difference between ‘big’ DI and ‘little’ di, delving into the research behind Direct Instruction, dispelling the myths about DI.

Knowledge for Teachers Podcast

Hear from educators, experts and researchers on all things to do with school-based education. Learn about what evidence-informed education is and the nuances involved with actually implementing effective and sustainable school-based education. Hosted by MrLee.

Listen to my episode where I talk about my Churchill Fellowship experience and share my findings.

The Science of Reading Podcast

Current practices in the Science of Reading are explored with leading researchers and practitioners.

Progressively Incorrect

A podcast about the teacher-centered and the student-centred, the traditional and the progressive in education. Hosted by Dr. Zach Groshell on educationrickshaw.com.

Teaching Reading and Learning - The Reading League Podcast

Elevates important contributions to the educational community by people who have influenced teaching and literacy for the betterment of children.

Melissa and Lori Love Literacy

For educators interested in learning more about the science of reading. Melissa and Lori’s goal is to bring research about teaching reading and writing to educators and make it practice for their audience.

Listen to two episodes about adolescent literacy: 

– E014 What about our striving secondary readers

– E107 Where do secondary educators start

Sold a story : How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong

In this podcast, host Emily Hanford investigates the influential authors who promoted the wrong idea about how to teach children how to read, even though it was proven wrong by cognitive scientists decades ago

It’s an exposé of how educators came to believe in something that isn’t true and are now reckoning with the consequences — children harmed, money wasted, an education system upended. Listen to the 9 episodes. 

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