Effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction and intervention

In the third series of modules, we will identify best practices for implementing effective interventions in reading.


Module 6: Overview of effective intervention instruction

In the sixth module, we will discuss how to select an appropriate intervention to meet student needs and provide an overview of intervention best-practices for word reading & study, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Module 7: Progress monitoring data

In the seventh module, we will discuss monitoring practices and describe how to use data to inform practice and assess the effectiveness of interventions for students at risk. We will learn how to refine delivery and adjust what we teach and how we teach to optimise the impact on student outcomes.

Module 8: Intensifying instruction for older struggling readers

In the eighth module, we will describe how to intensify interventions for students who are not making adequate reading growth despite already receiving an intervention, including dosage, frequency, duration. A fidelity checklist for implementation will be provided.

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