Introductory Module

Overview of the series

Listen to me explain the purpose and the content overview of the series.

Recent evidence shows about one in three Australian school students are not mastering the reading skills they need. Initial Teacher Education falls short in arming high school educators with the skills to identify and address reading challenges within their classrooms. To remedy, this project aims to:

  1. Show participating teachers how to apply research-based reading instruction;
  2. Provide schools with evidence-backed, age-appropriate tools to help struggling adolescents access curriculum content alongside their peers;
  3. Give a road map to schools about how to implement an effective multi-tiered system of support. The PL course will provide an overview of adolescent literacy, including what it is, why some students have difficulty with reading so teachers can enhance their ability to address the diverse needs of older struggling readers.


You can download the Module Content Overview here:

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